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Britain in Bloom Results

Filby wins Gold 2013

At the Britain in Bloom Awards in Cleethorpes on Saturday evening, 12th October, we learned that the village had won a Gold Award in this competition. However, for the third time in three years, we have come second in our class. For the top two to be both awarded Gold means the outcome must have been very, very close.
A Royal Horticultural Society judge said: “The conservation methods and improving status of your SSSI site at Trinity Broads was well explained in your portfolio and demonstrates the effectiveness of your maintenance and management. You have a very innovative approach to encouraging recycling in the village with the bonus of raising significant funds from this activity. We were also impressed by the number of water collection points and use of a water borehole in this relatively dry part of the country. It was spotless on the day thanks to your volunteers working in partnership with your local authority. You also have an abundance of well-maintained signs, benches, and water features.”

Filby In Bloom - 17 September 2013

On Friday Filby won the Best Kept Village in the Borough of Great Yarmouth with a Gold. The Post Office won Best Commercial premises with a Gold, and the Allotments also received a Gold Medal. In Anglia in Bloom Filby won the Best Village with a Gold . All eyes are now on October 12th when the Britain in Bloom results are announced. In the mean time we carry on maintaining the displays and other environmental improvements.

Wild About Gardens Week

25th to 31st October 2013

Filby is participating in this event which is aimed at encouraging Gardening for Wildlife. It is our intention to take this opportunity to revitalise the Village Pond and its immediate surroundings. We already have our bee and insect friendly Wildlife Garden next to the Community Orchard.
The week is a joint initiative by the Royal Horticultural Society and the Wildlife Trust. For more information about what you can do to encourage wildlife why not visit their website at


The Saturday Crew starts to clear the Village Pond.


The Saturday Crew at work.

Filby in Bloom 2013

Filby Best Village and wins Gold

At the Anglia in Bloom event in St Albans on 10th September it was announced that Filby has won its class as Best Village and been awarded Gold. Congratulations to all those who worked so hard to achieve this result

Result Written Confirmation Received
Awarded Gold
Best Village
4 Nominations for special awards...
Best conservation Project - Boardwalk and Ormesby Little Broad
Environmental Quality Award - The Village
Best Young People's Project (12 years and under) - Village School
Roy Lacey Award – The Saturday Crew
(This award is given to the person or persons who have given a great deal of time and energy to promoting the aims and ambitions of the In Bloom, be it local, regional or national level over a considerable period.)


The Britain in Bloom Judges return to the Clubroom

Britain in Bloom

Having been again chosen to represent Anglia in Bloom in the Britain in Bloom Finals for 2013, Britain in Bloom judging took place on Monday 5th August from 9.30 am. The judges toured the village and asked a lot of relevant and searching questions. On their return Judges and Volunteers enjoyed a locally sourced Norfolk Lunch in the Clubroom.
We now await the announcements of their deliberations later in the year.


Ready for the Judges return to the Clubroom


A Norfolk Lunch in full swing.

Anglia in Bloom

Anglia in Bloom judging took place on Wednesday 10th July at 10am. See above to find out how we did.


Photographed in Filby 23rd July 2013

Filby in Bloom 2012

Anglia in Bloom

The Anglia in Bloom awards event were held in St Ives on the 11th September when we learned we were judged to be the Best Small Village and won a Gold Award.
This year's Anglia in Bloom judging was on 6th July.

Britain in Bloom

We now have the Judges' Report and we now know we came a close second in our group with a Silver Gilt Award. Thanks to everyone who helped during the year and giving their time on 3rd August to make the judges welcome.
We are in the Britain in Bloom Final 2013, judging was Monday 5th August from 9.30 am.

Filby in Bloom 2011

Britain in Bloom Results

On Sunday 25th September Filby was awarded one of only three RHS Gold Awards to villages at the Britain in Bloom ceremony in Fife. The overall winner in the category was Luddenden in Yorkshire.

This award brings a satisfactory conclusion to another successful year.

Great Yarmouth in Bloom

Filby won its third gold of the year to add to the two gained in the Anglia in Bloom competition.

Anglia in Bloom Results

The award ceremony was held in Colchester on Tuesday 13th September and the village was represented by Derek Nicker and David Thompson. Filby won the Best Kept Village in East Anglia, with a Gold Medal, and Filby Post Office won the Best Commercial Premises. The allotments also got a nomination in the Grow Your Own catagory. This is a good result to take to Scotland on the 25th September, when Britain in Bloom results are announced.

Full results can be found on the Anglia in Bloom website at

Britain in Bloom 2011


The village was judged for Anglia in Bloom on 14th July and for Britain in Bloom on 2nd August. The latter at the rather unusual time, for us, of 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

There was a last minute problem before the Britain in Bloom judging when we received information that the apples in the orchard had been taken. In the event only about half were removed but this was still a blow for such a young enterprise. As our trees are representative of a number of different Norfolk varieties almost all those taken would not have been ready for picking until October.

We await the result of the competition which is to be announced on Sunday 25th September in Scotland.

Despite coming second in its class in Anglia in Bloom last year Filby was been put forward to represent Anglia in Bloom in the Britain in Bloom Finals 2011.
As we came second in class in Britain in Bloom 2008 and 2009 we had a lot to live up to if we are to maintain our record.
We learned the other competitors in our class were:

Class: Village

Entry Name:Representing:
BerrynarborSouth West
ElswickNorth West
RoslistonEast Midlands

Filby in Bloom in 2010

Anglia in Bloom 2010

Results announced on the 15th September were again a disappointment when, despite winning another Gold award from twelve awarded overall, we came second again, again by one point, to Bulphan in Essex. Well done them but it does raise the question, not for the first time, just what we have to do to satisfy the judges.
Then again we get the news, in early November, that we are again being put forward to represent the Anglia region in the Britain in Bloom finals, so we must be doing something right.

Things were going reasonably well for 2010, made simpler by the fact that our efforts can be directed exclusively towards Anglia in Bloom and not divided between two judging days less than a month apart, but made more interesting by some challenging spells of weather. We try to maintain the same high standard in our displays from Spring to Autumn but the extra effort required to impress two sets of judges who seem to look for and find every stray weed and 'wrongly' coloured flower head in a flower bed places a great strain on our dedicated but small team.

The Community Orchard continued to develop but we were unable to prepare the ground in time for planting as it was way too wet and cold. Happily the East of England Apples and Orchards Project, our suppliers, agreed to hold onto our tress and they will be planted in late November, early December. Other projects, especially the school, made very good progress.

Filby in Bloom in 2009

Anglia in Bloom 2009

Filby wins Gold - again

Following the Anglia in Bloom Awards for 2009, held at the Ocean Rooms, Gorleston, we are proud to reveal that Filby has again received a Gold Award.

aib2009Filby Gets Gold

l. to r.: Derek Nicker, Mervyn Gibson, Adrian Thompson, Tom Green.

However, the sad news is that, despite our best efforts, we did not win our class or the overall title.

The class win, for a Village (301 to 1000 residents), went to Bulphan in Essex. They entered the competition for the first time last year. Well done them.

You can visit their website by clicking on this link

The overall title went to Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

So far I have not found a dedicated site for Wisbech in bloom but they are mentioned on news sites and the Fenland District Council site at which refers to their success in 2008.

More information can be found at and is worth a look.

Full results can be found on the Anglia in Bloom website at

The Britain in Bloom results have been announced.

Britain In Bloom 2009 Results

News reached the potting shed that Filby won a Silver-Gilt Award in the 2009. The class was won by Chipping, Lancashire, (North West Region).

Chipping is a really pretty, Ribble Valley village half as large again as Filby. Their website and is well worth a look.

Full Britain in Bloom results can be found at the Britain in Bloom website.

Or you can download the results as a .pdf file if you click on the icon. icon

Britain In Bloom 2009

Filby was selected to represent the Anglia Region in the Britain in Bloom final in 2009. The judges came this morning, saw and went away. We can only hope that they liked what they saw. The only problem is that their time here is so short and we have a lot to show them. Not bad for a small village.

This website aims to show who we are, what we are doing as well as what we have achieved in the various "in Bloom" competitions.

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In 2008 it was time to say farewell to our old signs. They had served the village well however Tom Green's new design is stunning.


However, that's never all there is to it:

When the Judges have visited and left to determine their verdict on our efforts, only the day after all the excitement, the work goes on.


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F.E.P.O.W. Memorial Bed

Originally created in 2008, and further developed with permanent features in 2009.

The Far Eastern Prisoners of War Memorial Bed is our recognition of the deprivations they suffered.

Filby Community Orchard

Alright; so it was only 21 one year old maiden trees but it was a start. We still planted 50% more trees than we initially planned.
30 trees were bought and planted and the orchard area greatly expanded to feature the 'wild life' garden.
At its September 2009 meeting the Parish Council agreed to allocate additional land to the Community Orchard Project. We now had space for another 36 or so trees which were to be planted in late February 2010. However, because of a spell of extreme weather and other factors they were not planted until late February 2011 bringing the total to 72 trees.
We are now maintaining and developing the orchard and insect friendly wildlife garden and adding new features and initiatives.

The Filby Collection

Bringing together Filby's past and present.

This project has grown, developed and expanded from its original concept in 2011 with further exhibitions held in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. It features the collection of wedding photographs first shown in the Church during Open Gardens weekend 2009 and continues to grow,
The collection will eventually be housed in a special room in the new community centre.
As well as the usual exhibitions and displays in 2014 the collection will be attending a number of the Coffee Mornings being held on the second Thursday of the month. They are January, April, July and October.

We would welcome the opportunity to see any photographs, pictures, or documents relating to Filby, especially concerning local residents past and present who served in the two World Wars, you may be willing to share.

The Coffee Mornings are being sponsored by the Tea Junction, Castle Mall, Norwich. The Tea Junction

Voices from the Past

On 20th October 2009, we started publishing a weekly "Filby News" bulletin on the Village Voice page.

Then we got to wondering what our forebears considered worthy of record and what they were doing one hundred and twenty years ago. This page is the result. From in January 2010 we are publishing, month by month, the Victorian equivalent of Village Voice starting with January 1890.

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